Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magazine photo session

Here are some photos from a view weeks ago...
this ph
oto session are for Otomotif tabloid and Motobike magazine
will post more soon

Mirorring with my Chopped VW type II

Need some new chrome & polishing

"Si Bantet" and "Shichifukujin" collaborating

Pinstripe and ornament on gas tank

Two of my beloved Urban Lane Splitter

thanks for Atenk and Dhapole (khadafi) for the photos

more at http://thekatros.blogspot.com/

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Shichifukujin" Honda CB 125 SE 1974 Kustom

This is my second post of this new so called blog...hehehehee
well I really got some passion on kustom, specially Ol'Skool-Kustom-Hot-Rods Bike and Car. love all that inside the http://kickasschoppers.blogspot.com/ , http://greaserstemple.blogspot.com/ and all the crew they're just Rocks!!! and give me inspiration to start customizing something.

This is my first project, I know that until now I haven't got the chance to buy an american or english old motorcycle with a big ass kickin' machine, so for a newbie I start to kustom a Honda CB125 1974, these are some photos of the customizing process ENJOY...!!!

This is how he look like before the Kustom process

Got these gorgeous Honda XL-Frame from my friend, Iyus from Bandung, West Java

The Original Honda XL250, damn she's beautiful...!!

Start to make the Kustom Gas Tank

Put Some ornaments on it

And this is why everybody Hate me, because I Chopped the Original Honda XL frame on the backside. I chopped it so in the end the new customized frame will symmetrically meet the rear tire hub...
I put Yokohama Tire 130/90-16" on the rear-end...

Just put some parts on the workshop to mixed and match it with the frame...

I prefer using this one below....

I use a set of unrecognizable front end that looks like a suzuki bandit measurement, set of Honda CB200 center hub both side front & rear...

This Volkswagen oil cap is for the gas tank cap

Paint Job...!!!

With a touch of a simple Pinstripe

Coat the engine with Lesonal for heat resistance of the paint

Almost finished

Here I presented to You my First Project


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hello all, at last i have a blogspot account....
since I'm a NEWBIES in this blog, so sorry if the content of this so called blog has not been much...
I hope all of you enjoy viewing this blog
The thing is, I already have many social networking site which I can also do such a thing like blogging in those sites; Multiply, Facebook, Friendster

So Guys, Enjoy the blog...

Love, Respect, Dignity