Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magazine photo session

Here are some photos from a view weeks ago...
this ph
oto session are for Otomotif tabloid and Motobike magazine
will post more soon

Mirorring with my Chopped VW type II

Need some new chrome & polishing

"Si Bantet" and "Shichifukujin" collaborating

Pinstripe and ornament on gas tank

Two of my beloved Urban Lane Splitter

thanks for Atenk and Dhapole (khadafi) for the photos

more at http://thekatros.blogspot.com/


  1. @Wra: Thanx Borr..!! will put some more bikes to complete the combo... ;p

  2. super bantet combo bor...!!! the bike look beefy-er with the car... nice..!!

  3. @Rizky: Thanx Riz...!! love to "bantetized" anything hahahahaa but not the ladies..!!

  4. yup... love 'em with long "forks" with some "big bore" between the slim "frame"... whadaya think bor..??
    PS: have you check out the alternative route form ISCI Gitung that leads to Pondok Cabe..?? there's a VW which is more "bantet"..!! same lenght as a Suzuki Karimun bor...!! i'll try to take pictures if i passed there again...

  5. More than agree, that's how they have to be Bor..!! hahaha

    yess, I've seen that green one Bor, belongs to Mr.Mehdi one of the elder in Volkswagen Van Club a.k.a VVC..
    unfortunately the Greeny VW doesn't have any engine, steering set and interior Bor,Its like being abandoned since years ago..
    according to the peoples near it, the owner use it as a drawer & cabinet. maybe it will replace your magazines & super goodies old cabinet bor...hehehe
    I'll try to look my old photos too... ;p

  6. hahahahahahaha... good idea bor...!! but i wouldn't laah... those breads belongs on the road... i would be dying to see people's got stoked watching "funny" machineries on the road, able to handle the abuse of Jakarta city trafic while still looking cool... hahahaha... the true pleasure of our world bor...

  7. Yeah true, I really dig that feeling, a head-turning-neck-breaker machine for sure...
    you also got a beetle right Bor? why don't try to chop it off?? hahaha
    but don't do that if she's a family legacy....